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Tara KMC, one of our 30 Kadampa Meditation Centers around the world and home to the first International Kadampa Primary School.

There are 1100 Kadampa Centers and branches in 40 countries around the world where people can study and practice the teachings of Buddha.

These centers are open to everyone and offer a full program of introductory classes, study programs, and meditation retreats.

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A Kadampa Buddhist Center offers the opportunity for people to study and practice Dharma in order to improve their understanding and experience of Buddha’s teachings. Dharma means ‘protection’. When we practice the teachings that Buddha gave we are protected from suffering and problems.

Our Dharma Centers are non-profit organizations that are open to the local community for meditation, teachings, and study programs. Every Dharma Center has a qualified Meditation Teacher. The centers range from large residential centers with branches throughout the local region to small centers with just one or two branches. Anyone can attend a Center, whether you are new to meditation and Buddhism or not, you can drop-in for a class or just visit.

A Kadampa Meditation Center (KMC) is a special type of Center that focuses on local, national, and international activities. Their broad spiritual program allows them to host Dharma Celebrations, National Festivals, and International Festivals.

A Kadampa Buddhist Temple is a special, holy place where we can receive blessings and powerful imprints on our minds that lead to deep inner peace in the future. The International Temples Project was started to help build Kadampa Temples around the world. These Temples may be traditional or non-traditional.

International Retreat Centers are Centers that are designed specifically for both long-term and short-term retreats.