Taming the Wild Elephant Mind: Meditation Retreat

February 2 • 4 sessions: 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4pmTaming the Wild Elephant Mind

In our busy, modern world, our attention is constantly being drawn outward and it can be difficult to experience a calm, positive mind. When our mind is free from the turbulence of distracting conceptions it becomes calm and smooth. With pure concentration, the body and mind become comfortable, flexible and easy to use. We all need to improve our peace of mind using meditation. In this day retreat, we will have the opportunity to gain meditation experience and train in mindfulness and concentration by engaging in a series of meditation sessions. The instructions are based on the principles of Buddhist meditation retreats.

Although this retreat is a follow up to the Monday evening classes on concentration, anyone can attend. Each session will include some brief advice for improving our concentration and mindfulness as well as ample time to practice during the actual meditation.

Class fee $20, each session is $6