Lunchtime Meditations

Summer Break
Lunchtime Meditations in Santa Barbara Resume Tuesday, Sept 5

12:30 – 1pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Mahakankala Buddhist Center
508 Brinkerhoff Ave.

Santa Barbara

Everyone is welcome to drop in at the Center for lunchtime meditations.


Simply Breathe
During these half hour sessions we are guided through a simple guided breathing meditation. This type of meditation is perfect for beginners and advanced meditators. By focusing on the breath all our worries, distractions, and obsessive ways of thinking fall away and we experience inner peace. Our mind is refreshed and relaxed and we’ll find it easier to deal with day to day stress.


Stress Relief
Let go of your stress and concerns, unwind, and enjoy a place of peace in the middle of your work week. In our busy lives, we need to nourish our mind as well as our bodies. Come enjoy a relaxing lunchtime break with a guided breathing meditation.


A Joyful Path
Joy is a state of mind. In these lunchtime meditations we will hear about different Buddhist views that cultivate joyful minds. These Introductory meditations are based on Lamrim, the backbone of Kadampa Buddhism.

Cost per class: $5