Dog Walk 4 Peace 2017

Many thanks to all our walkers, sponsors, volunteers, and well-wishers! May Kadam
Dharma flourish in this world, and may every living being find a meaningful life.

Walker Profile:
Stanley Merrill-Peres

Stanley’s story is one of triumph. He was bred and raised to be a fighting dog, but when he wouldn’t fight he became what is known as a “bait” dog — the dog that’s beaten up by the other dogs. But Stanley was more like Ferdinand the Bull, more interested in smelling the flowers than fighting.

After much abuse and being almost starved to death, he escaped from his tormentors and was found and cared for by a loving family for 5 years before they sadly had to give him up. We feel very fortunate to be Stanley’s guardians now. It’s fitting that he’s raising money for peace, because at heart he has always been a “peacenik”. ~ Stanley’s moms, Sandra and Esther

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