Centers for Modern Buddhism

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the founder of NKT, has dedicated his life to helping the people of this world find true happiness by developing inner peace, or peace of mind, through meditation and other practices.
He designed an education program to offer everyone without exception – without concern for nationality, age or gender – the opportunity to learn practical methods for increasing their capacity of mind and even attaining enlightenment – a state of permanent inner peace. This program is running in over forty countries with 1200 Centers and groups participating and causing it to spread.

Many types of communities have appeared around the world in dependence upon the causes and conditions. There are traditional Kadampa Temples in New York, the UK, and Brazil, and city Temples in Florida and Portugal. Kadampa Meditation Centers (KMCs) have popped up in cities where more traditional Temples cannot be built, like Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney, Durbin, and many other places. And of course there are the many Centers (KBCs) and groups around the world. Germany, Switzerland and Brazil each also host a International Retreat Center. There is even a Kadampa Hotel and a Kadampa Primary School that offer public service that exemplifies the Buddhist faith.

Annually, there are tens of thousands of visitors to the Temples, KMCs, KBCs and IRCs. Visitors may be there for courses or retreats to learn to develop inner peace through meditation, whereas others go to see the holy objects – such as the beautiful statues – and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. Regardless of the reason for visiting, Geshe Kelsang stated that “anyone who sees a Temple or the holy objects within will receive a special blessing that sows a seed of future peace and happiness in their mind”.

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