Santa Barbara Wednesdays

learn to meditate-bannerBasic Buddhist Teachings & Meditations: Abandoning the Eight Worldly Concerns

Wednesday Nights beginning February 18 6:30-7:30pm

Attachment to being praised by others leads to despondency when our best efforts go unnoticed — and the fear of losing our high status haunts us even when things are coming up roses! This is how “worldly concerns” steal our happiness and lead us to anxiety and other unhealthy states of mind.

When our mind becomes tight, unhappy, or uncomfortable, that’s a sign that we are under the sway of one of the eight worldly concerns. This series of meditation classes will offer a peek into Buddha’s teachings on identifying and reducing the influence of these attitudes on our mind so that we can remain happy, calm, and untroubled by life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Drop in to any or all classes in this series. Perfect for beginners or those with meditation experience.

Mahakankala Buddhist Center
508 Brinkerhoff Ave.

Santa Barbara

Suggested Donation $10