Santa Barbara Sundays

The Wisdom of Compassion

508 Brinkerhoff Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

The development of compassion in the mind is protection against much of the suffering we experience in life, but compassion in modern times is sometimes misunderstood as a weak or passive state. The mind that cannot bear the suffering of others is the gateway to great wisdom. With meditation and effort, our compassion will flower into the mind of full Enlightenment.

This 8-week meditation course will follow the path of training the mind in compassion as presented by the Kadampa Lojong masters Geshe Langri Tangpa and Geshe Chekhawa.

Each class consists of a guided breathing meditation, a talk on the topic of the day, and concludes with a meditation based on the topic.

Suggested Donation $10

Drop-ins welcome. There is no requirement to attend the the whole series.