Meditation in Santa Maria

Love snipThursdays 6 -7pm (New Time!)
Santa Maria YMCA
3400 Skyway
Santa Maria, CA

Meditations on Love

The beauty of the Mahayana Path of Buddhism is the mind which motivates it: a wish to perfect oneself in order to effortlessly benefit others. Such a special intention (cause) has the power to purify our own mind (effect). The world is a reflection of the mind perceiving it. A pure mind perceives a pure world.

In this class we will define and explore the small steps we take in our meditations on loving others — meditations which progress to the Mahayana Path.

Each class begins with a guided breathing meditation and culminates with a 2nd meditation based upon the evening’s topic.

Drop in to any or all classes in this course. Perfect for beginners or those with meditation experience. Open to everyone.

Suggested Donation $10

There is no requirement to attend the the whole series.