Meditation in Santa Maria

healing-and-hope-snipThursdays 5:30-6:30pm
Santa Maria YMCA
3400 Skyway
Santa Maria, CA

Healing & Hope Meditations

December 1 – 23

How does the state of our mind affect our health and well-being? Perhaps we believe that a positive attitude is generally beneficial. Perhaps we recognize that some lifestyle choices are more harmful than others. But do we understand how our own mind actually creates our experience of pain and dissatisfaction, or of contentment and peace? We can’t control external situations, but we can learn to control how we respond to them.

Each class begins with a guided breathing meditation and culminates with a 2nd meditation based upon the evening’s topic.

Drop in to any or all classes in this course. Perfect for beginners or those with meditation experience. Open to everyone.

Suggested Donation $10

There is no requirement to attend the the whole series.