Meditation in Lompoc

Learn to MeditateThursdays 6:30-7:30pm

Lompoc Yoga Center
701 E North Ave, Suite F
Lompoc, CA

Basic Buddhist Teachings & Meditations
October 20 – November 17

A Bodhisattva is a friend of the world, someone who looks at the complexities and problems in the world and embarks on a path of meditation in order to bring an end to the suffering of each and every living being. By conjoining our daily activities to our own wish to develop and maintain a mind that genuinely loves others, we can train in the Bodhisattva’s way of life.

The class will explore how we use any special experience we feel in meditation to increase our own good feelings toward others – wishing that others can also find peace.

Each class begins with a guided breathing meditation and culminates with a 2nd meditation based upon the evening’s topic.

Drop in to any or all classes in this course. Perfect for beginners or those with meditation experience. Open to everyone.

Suggested donation: $10